Committees & Meetings

The Council is divided into four main committees. To find out what each one does, click the tabs below.

View a full schedule of the next year’s meeting here, or scroll down to see what’s coming up.

Full Council

Full COuncil

Full Council is, quite literally, a meeting of all Councillors. Items on Full Council agendas are often things that have been discussed by individual committees, that then go for final consideration by remaining Councillors. Some items like the budget have to be approved by Full Council legally. Full Council also tends to discuss issues that would come under multiple committees.

Look for the 'people' icon, and light blue Agendas to find Full Council.

Executive Committee

Executive CommitteeThe Executive Committee looks for ways the Council can save money, drafts the budget and makes sure the Council meets statutory requirements, including making sure we are a responsible employer.

Look for the 'cogs' icon, and dark blue Agendas to find the Executive Committee.

Heritage & Facilities Committee

Heritage n Facilities
This Committee maintains Council-owned facilities, ensuring they are of a high standard and providing for the needs of the community. They also look for ways that we can improve the services available, and liaise with the Heritage Triangle Trust.

Look for the 'binoculars' icon, and green Agendas to find the Heritage & Facilities Committee.

Infrastructure Committee

Infrastructure CommitteeThe Infrastructure Committee (of which Planning is a sub-committee) represents the interests of the community in planning, development and highways matters including the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Look for the 'buildings' icon, and yellow Agendas to find the Infrastructure Committee.

Community Engagement Committee

Community EngagementThis Committee develops our communications strategy, facilitates community networking, increases engagement at events and finds ways to support the local economy. Sub-committees of Community Engagement are the Carnival and Christmas Lights Switch-On.

Look for the 'handshake' icon, and orange Agendas to find the Community Engagement Committee.



The Planning sub-committee only considers planning applications delegated for committee decision.  If required, meetings are scheduled to in the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 6pm.  The sub-committee consists of councillors from across the committees but is overseen by the Infrastructure Committee. Visit the Planning Hub for more information.


One of our largest sub-committees of the Community Engagement Committee, Carnival consists of a combination of councillors and members of the public. It meets once a month to organise the annual Diss Carnival in June.

Christmas Lights Switch-On

This sub-committee also of the Community Engagement Committee consists of councillors and members of the public. They meet once a month throughout the year to discuss and make arrangements for the Christmas Lights Switch-On event, which takes place on the last Saturday in November.

Use the calendar below to view upcoming meetings of Diss Town Council and its committees. Click on the meeting to see more details, or download documents*. To search for a specific committee, click the “Tags” button, and choose an option.


*Agendas are uploaded at least three clear days before each meeting. Draft minutes are uploaded as soon as possible but no more than one month after the relevant meeting.