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Disstown’s municipal government In the event that you die and leave your mortgage to your family, life insurance can be utilised to ensure that they don’t have to pay it.

Decreasing Life Assurance (DLA) and Term Life Assurance (TLA) are two forms of coverage.

Life Assurance

For Capital Repayment mortgages, Decreasing Life Assurance is the best option. This is because the amount of coverage is meant to be reduced as your mortgage is paid off over time. Reduced monthly payments ensure that the mortgage can always be paid off, but there will be very little left over in the “pot.”

Term Life Assurance

As opposed to Decreasing Life Assurance, where the quantity of coverage decreases over time, Term Life Assurance does not. Those with interest-only mortgages, as well as those who wish to leave a legacy for their loved ones, might benefit from this sort of insurance.

Types of Cover

Level Cover

You and those you care about will be better protected against the ravages of inflation with this addition.

Decreasing Cover

Mortgages and other long-term debts can be paid off with this method.

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